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What Successful Personal Brand Photography Does

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot


WOO WARNING; If reading about purpose and freedom makes you cringe, enjoy the photo and scroll on. ⁠

One of the great gifts of this time is that it has put a big bright spotlight on our collective need for meaning.⁠

I’m so crazy, emphatically proud that the wisdom of the many gorgeous women and men that I work with day in and day out is getting to fulfill that need.⁠

When I think of the many teachers, speakers, authors, coaches and visionaries who I work with, I’m struck by how they all know they are meant to serve, they understand that their business is a vehicle for that service and at the heart of their business is a divine message they are purpose-driven to share. ⁠

They share a message to achieving⁠
peace of mind⁠
and love. ⁠

Being immersed in the great future they are building, it is impossible for me to not consider what impact I want my work to have.⁠
Sometimes people ask me what I do and my cheekiest response is “I’m making the world a more beautiful place, one photo at a time.” ⁠

AND the truth is the work we do goes so far beyond the photos.⁠

I want the work we do together ⁠
to expand your experience of what it means to be free,⁠
to amplify your message,⁠
to magnetize others to your work,⁠
to help you to fulfill your purpose and ⁠
to be a tool in you authoring the life you dream to live.⁠
Let’s work together to make the World a more beautiful, exalted and liberated place. ⁠

We are now booking our 2021 calendar and want to make you a part of it.

Get in touch today for deets! ⁠


p.s HUGE shout out to the beautiful and bold Ali Craig captured here #bts at her recent Savannah Personal Brand Photoshoot. ⁠

Ali is a woman who teaches, speaks, visions, designs and lives with a soul purpose to draw us all toward greater freedom within and without. ⁠

Find here, follow her and thank me later!

Personal Brand Photography with Meadow Merry in Ithaca, New York

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot


The first word that comes to mind when you think of success coach Meadow Merry is irreverent, followed closely by unapologetic and just on the heels in passionate with a capital P.A.S.S.I.O.N.A.T.E.⁠⠀
Meadow Merry wants all creative entrepreneurs to stop filtering your art, Stop filtering your message and start creating SUCCESS with your work in the world. Equal parts straight forward mindset coach plus nuts+bolts business coach plus just enough witchy woo, Meadow has unlocked the formula to becoming unfu**able with. Through her high level Creative Elite Mastermind and one to one coaching, she wants to support you in becoming the same. ⁠⠀
To the point, this gorgeous, down to earth mother of two will stop at nothing to help her clients get results and earn the kind of money that creatives often struggle to earn. ⁠⠀
As Meadow says” Every success and up-level is preceded by your perfect storm. The perfect orchestration of tests and obstacles. How you navigate that? Determines the level of success and celebration you get to have. You’re creating your successes during the storms that come your way. Or not.” ⁠⠀
If you are ready to navigate the storms and discover next level success, this is the sailor mouthed woman to guide you. ⁠

? Ithaca, NY⁠⠀
? Laura Amaya Beauty

Time to STOP Waiting on the Weight

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot

Most of my life I understood that good stuff could happen but only after “I lost weight”.

It seems like many of us are unintentionally programmed to think this. For me, it was my incredibly supportive and loving single mom, who had been so adventurous in her youth and by the time I was old enough to understand, she had decided that no more adventure would happen until she lost “some weight”.

So many smart, beautiful women can spend years waiting; waiting to put ourselves out there, waiting to start our business, waiting to have a photoshoot, waiting to travel waiting and waiting until we lose the weight.

And we can waste years waiting with no losing of the weight in sight.

If I had a nickel for each time a client of mine said they had wanted to wait to book their photos until they were thinner, I wouldn’t be rich but I would have 100s if not 1000s of nickels.

In today’s economy, a nickel doesn’t get you very far but the point is we are putting off having fulfillment in our lives and our desires because we believe that we can’t have them until the scale gives us a specific number.

What I’m about to say will be no surprise and…

Your contribution will not be determined by how close you are to your “ideal weight” , it will be determined by your passion, by your generosity and by your ability to positively impact those around you.

When a client tells me that “they had been wanting to wait on having a shoot until they lost weight”, I think HALLELUJAH!

Your saying this is a version of “F*** it, let’s do this. I’m done with waiting to lose the weight and I want to just go for it and see what happens.”

You have decided to leap regardless, to remember that the belief we need to be a certain size is false.

Your leap is not just for you but for ALL of us who are waiting.

Your YES is you saying “Life is meant to be lived NOW. I’ve got soul work to do that can not wait until I fit into those high school jeans.”

Your yes is you saying “I am exactly the right size to do the work I’m meant to do. Period.”

Your YES is an inspiration for us all.

It’s time for us all to lose the real wait.


Personal Brand Photoshoot with Amanda Frances in West Hollywood, CA

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot


WARNING; Read only if you are ready to have your money mindset rocked. ⁠⠀
There are countless things I could share that inspire women around the World about Amanda Frances and having the privilege of knowing her #irl, I’ll start with the one that those who follow her may ask “Is she really the way she comes across on line?” If what you mean is “Is she as thoughtful, open, generous, self aware and self assured as she seems?”, the answer is yes. ⁠⠀
Add to that a fiercely smart woman who has done the work needed to proudly and authentically call herself a teacher and guide to thousands and thousands, a woman who owns, celebrates and fulfills her desires, a woman whose creative vision is expansively forward thinking and a woman who has the powerful ability to always hold a frame of positive outcome and opportunity.
Take all that and you will just start to fill in the outlines of @xoamandafrances. ⁠⠀
If you are not yet familiar with The Money Queen, lucky you because now you are and once you get her in your orbit your sense of personal worth, self worth and so much more will be effortlessly transformed.

Gorgeous Hair and Makeup by Dana Tao of Cheek to Cheek Artistry.

Bringing Authentic Confidence to your Personal Brand Photography

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot

You know what I love about this photo of me? It feels so real and at the same time, a version of me that doesn’t always naturally “show up” when someone takes a photo. I look at it and I think “Wow, I look great and I can tell that I feel great too.” It captures my authentic delight and confidence. ⁠

The spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors and educators I photograph say again and again that working with me they get much more than just beautiful brand photos. ⁠

They get personal brand photos that capture the qualities they most value in themselves authentically. Think confidence, joy, love, playfulness, depth, passion, purpose, warmth. ⁠

When we go think about having a personal brand photoshoot we know that getting images that capture those qualities honestly is the key to magnetizing others to our message⁠


the rub is that few of us feel an authentic connection to those qualities when we are in front of the camera.⁠

Most of us are distracted by our fears, beliefs and thoughts about being photographed and lose connection with the miracle of the moment and the incredible women we are.⁠

That is why my work is as much about creating visually beautiful stand out images as it is creating an experience that goes beyond a photoshoot. As experience that is beyond all measures FUN and JOYFUL and ALIGNED with your brand.⁠

The container of that experience allows the smart, gorgeous woman you are to relax, drop into the moment and let your brilliant unabashed true self be seen. ⁠
⁠ ⁠
Talk about magnetic! ⁠

Those are the photos I want to capture.⁠

What about you? ⁠

Imagine having photos that capture your “superpower” qualities/the qualities that you know magnetize others to working with you, what qualities do you see?⁠


? Savannah, Georgia November 2020

Personal Brand Photography with Sara Dann in LA, California

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot

personal_brand_photography_photographer_creative_portrait_headshot_professional_coach_author_blogger_speaker_consultant_natural_authentic_entrepreneur_hollywood_online_spiritual_business_mentor_career_los_angeles_californiaI work with countless accomplished online educators and when you meet one like Sara Dann, you just have to think “this girl has a gift!”⁠

It’s not just her ability to vision, build, launch, iterate in what seems like the blink of an eye or the speed with which she has built a financially booming business or even her creativity when it comes to designing and branding her many signature programs.⁠⠀
It is the way she sees possibility everywhere and in everyone.⁠ She not only believes that we can all have our dream business but she effortlessly sees the shape, outline, strategy to make it so. ⁠Sassy, smart and generous of spirit, there are many ways to work with this wonder of a woman. AND if you’ve got the get up and go, don’t delay. ⁠Find Sara and her signature programs here. ⠀
You still have time to join in on her newest program – The 500K sales starting next week. Register today at sara-dann(dot)com⁠ It will be worth every penny!⁠⠀
{Gorgeous hair and makeup by Dana Tao of Cheek to Cheek Artistry

Personal Brand Photoshoot on location in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Personal Brand Photography with Founder of Bold Self, Chiara Mazzucco

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot

: WOMAN TO WATCH || :: ⁠ ⁠ Chiara Mazzucco exudes tenacity, vision and stardom.


With the soul of a modern mystic ⁠ the edge of peak Joan Jett⁠ the innovative mind of the most adaptable + the poise of a stadium speaking motivator, it is no surprise to discover the multi faceted success this rock star has created over the years with her high-level business mentorship. ⁠

Add to her resume, a successful print magazine, a far reaching podcast, virtual salons that up level all the things, daily insta stories that give us a window into her adventurous and beautiful everyday life and her live powerhouse events, there is little that Chiara does not find success with in her life. ⁠

If becoming member to a community of wealthy, sovereign and self expressed leaders and rule breakers is your vibe, find The Bold Society and Chiara at and be ready for everything to change.

Fiercely fabulous hair & makeup by Rickie Bocanegra

Three Must Dos for creating authentic Personal Brand Photos

By | Personal Branding Photoshoot


Exceptional women work with me because they know that they will get images that are professional, beautiful and most importantly – authentically them. ⁠

I wanted to share with you my 3 must dos for creating images authentic to your brand;⁠

1. Tell a visual story that is true to what you would do, not what you normally do. Some folks get caught thinking that it’s in-genuine to have photos taken of them in a beautiful room with makeup done, wearing a fly new outfit, a perfectly frothed cappuccino in hand if #irl most days they are hunched over their laptop on their couch in yoga pants.

Let the story be one that you can easily imagine yourself doing even if it is not your day to day. ⁠

2. Bring intentionality + polish to real moments. Listen, I LOVE a shot of you in yoga pants, hair thrown up with your laptop on your couch. That said, there is a difference between me showing up unexpectedly on a Tues. morning (SURPRISE!) while you are genuinely trying to work and us being intentional in telling your everyday story beautifully + professionally.

These details bring polish to #irl moments;⁠
✔️ A well-lit space with personal details that tell us a little about you⁠
✔️ Clothing that optimizes for flattery over comfy + accessories that add a little bit of “oh, that’s pretty” to your look⁠
✔️ Hair/makeup that adds luminosity to your skin and brightens your eyes, aka letting yourself be glammed up a little in a way that still looks like you⁠
✔️ Position your body in a way that is equal parts natural and flattering⁠

3. Be in the moment.
 Whatever you are doing in the photos — genuinely DO the thing. Wherever you are in the photos, genuinely take in the space.
Wherever a client and I are working together, we are enjoying being in the space + whatever it is we are doing, me having a camera and taking pictures becomes secondary.

That’s why clients look at my photos and say, “They feel so natural.” Because they are! ⁠

Have fun,⁠

p.s Shout out to Brooke Price Makeup for this photo, one of my fav authentic images of me.