Bringing Authentic Confidence to your Personal Brand Photography

You know what I love about this photo of me? It feels so real and at the same time, a version of me that doesn’t always naturally “show up” when someone takes a photo. I look at it and I think “Wow, I look great and I can tell that I feel great too.” It captures my authentic delight and confidence. ⁠

The spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors and educators I photograph say again and again that working with me they get much more than just beautiful brand photos. ⁠

They get personal brand photos that capture the qualities they most value in themselves authentically. Think confidence, joy, love, playfulness, depth, passion, purpose, warmth. ⁠

When we go think about having a personal brand photoshoot we know that getting images that capture those qualities honestly is the key to magnetizing others to our message⁠


the rub is that few of us feel an authentic connection to those qualities when we are in front of the camera.⁠

Most of us are distracted by our fears, beliefs and thoughts about being photographed and lose connection with the miracle of the moment and the incredible women we are.⁠

That is why my work is as much about creating visually beautiful stand out images as it is creating an experience that goes beyond a photoshoot. As experience that is beyond all measures FUN and JOYFUL and ALIGNED with your brand.⁠

The container of that experience allows the smart, gorgeous woman you are to relax, drop into the moment and let your brilliant unabashed true self be seen. ⁠
⁠ ⁠
Talk about magnetic! ⁠

Those are the photos I want to capture.⁠

What about you? ⁠

Imagine having photos that capture your “superpower” qualities/the qualities that you know magnetize others to working with you, what qualities do you see?⁠


? Savannah, Georgia November 2020