Light at the end of this tunnel

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel and like many of us, I’m relieved to discover that the other side of this tunnel we’ve been in for going on a year isn’t that much different from the side we entered. ⁠

If anything it is seeded with more hope, possibility and appreciation. ⁠ ⁠

I’m excited to discover together how rich this new yet familiar World with you will look. ⁠ ⁠


📍 Sheffield, Massachusettes

Let’s Pray!

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2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Wendy Yalom Photography. ⁠

Let me real with you – I’m so proud of myself!⁠

A decade of wedding photography followed by a decade of personal brand photography has given me the incredible honor and good fortune to work with well over 1000 clients around the World. ⁠

In all the photoshoots I’ve done in the 14 countries and 22 states within the US, I’ve had one consistent experience with all of my clients regardless of their unique and inherent differences.⁠

Every client I’ve worked with is grateful, grateful for the experience we are creating together, grateful for the circumstances that have delivered them to this moment in time and grateful for their miraculous lives. ⁠

If Meister Eckhart actually said  “If the only prayer we ever say in our lives is “Thank You” that will be enough.”⁠,  then I say it’s time to pray. ⁠

Thank you to every incredible human who has trusted me to capture the most important moments and images that authentically reflect your essence. ⁠

Thank you. ⁠

I’m humbled in gratitude!


Personal Brand Photography at Babington House, Somerset with Kat Dever

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When you have the gift of meeting Kat Dever do not be surprised if you feel instantly transported to another realm, one that seems to spark some deep clear knowing inside you and at the same time grounded firmly in your practical tangible real world sensibilities. ⁠ ⁠

That is the power and poise of Kat, a decidedly modern day woman who expertly incorporates ancient wisdom to spur her clients into getting killer results in life and in business. ⁠ ⁠

If you have the sublime pleasure of joining Kat either at her Venus Venture Mastermind, as a private client at her English countryside club or get to spend 12 weeks undergoing an intuitive business transformations, you will discover that the brilliance of this soulful and stylish coach comes not only from her intelligence and intuition and vision but from her willingness to allow something much greater than the both of you to be revealed. ⁠ ⁠

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a green juice and let Kat’s magic take it’s course. ⁠ ⁠

📍 Babington House Somerset, UK

That time I got a zoom haircut and other ways that the virtual future is NOW

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If this past year has taught me anything it is that the virtual future and the height of online business is here Now.

Not only have I learned from some inspiring online educators and coaches virtually in 2020,

  • I photographed my personal brand photography clients through zoom
  • I spent 5 days on a Silent meditation retreat
  • I practiced yoga with my favorite teacher a country away
  • I taught 30 photographers how to build successful businesses with Personal Brand Photography and over 200 people how to take pro-looking selfies
  • I had doctors appointments
  • I organized friends birthdays and hosted virtual dinner parties
  • I even got a VIRTUAL haircut

We can now say for sure that the Virtual Future is no longer in the future but here now.

So can I be straight with you? Now more than EVER how you show up on line is the difference between making impact and being missed. I rarely will go to a talk or workshop or sign up for a program when I don’t “feel” a connection with the creator through their images. I even select my doctor or lawyer or based on how connected I feel to them in their photo. It’s no longer just about how pretty and professional your images are. It’s about them looking trustable, approachable, relatable and real.

That is what you get when you work with me now and always – a photoshoot experience where you feel confident, connected, present and brand photographs that not only add to the credibility of your brand but that magnetize the viewer to you & the work you do.

If you know you need images that stand out, don’t wait another day, get in touch today and let’s do this thing!


Personal Brand Photography with Mia LaMotte in New York City

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I just had the enormous pleasure of recording a podcast with the sharp, driven and unstoppable Mia Lamotte ⁠⠀⁣
Mia LaMotte, an Image Consultant, Transformational Coach and Personal Brand Strategist, is a passionate educator and speaker on the power of personal image, professional presence and confident style.⁠⠀⁣
Working with individual innovators and entrepreneurs to define their personal brand as well as helping corporations define and educate their executive team about their unique brand message, this powerhouse has helped define what it means to make impact and is doing so in her own business simultaneously. ⁠⠀⁣
Between launching her Brand Disruptors podcast and actively serving her Freedom Lounge Membership Site, Mia is a perfect example of how beautiful living life on purpose can look! ⁠⠀⁣
💄 Alissa Dimaggio

Today’s Modern Woman should Burn her Blazer, not her Bra

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Can you remember the first time you saw a woman and thought that is what a “career woman” looks like? ⁣

I can’t remember the first time but as a girl “coming of age” in the 80s, I’m sure that the first impression I got was a woman wearing a blazer with shoulder pads, a white button down, a pair of black heels and a matching pencil skirt. ⁣

I get it, it was a time when as a woman wanting to be taken seriously in the work place, she needed to fit into the “Old Boys Club”. And the impressionable minds of the time took the cue that to dress professionally meant wearing a blazer and heels.⁣

You would not be surprised to learn that many of the inspiring and original personal branding photography clients I work with are running thriving businesses of their own making and still hold an unconscious belief that if they want to come off as professional, the best way to do that is in a blazer. ⁣

We are living in this time when we get to write our own rules for what it means to be a woman in business and one of those doctrines is what does dressing professionally look like. ⁣

There are a handful of bad a** business babes I work w who rock the blazer + it Is there rule defining look.

This post is for all the ones who never would wear a blazer but still think when it comes to looking like a pro, they HAVE to. Well, my dear, the good news is you do not! ⁣

Want to discover what dressing professionally means to you, try this;

Imagine being given an incredible opportunity to share your work publicly with the World – an opportunity to appear on stage with Gwyneth Paltrow at her Goop Conference (thinking of you, a sit down with a very enthusiastic book publisher who is ready to get your baby into the World, a main stage Ted Talk in New York, San Fran, London, an appearance on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah – and then ask yourself “Would I rock a blazer to that? If not, what would I wear?” ⁣

And just like that you get to define what it means to look like a woman with business to do, money to make and lives to impact. ⁣

How about those of us who are not rocking the blazer because we ❤️ it, schedule a blazer burn. I’ll bring mine!

Personal Brand Photography with LiYana Silver in San Francisco, CA

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“Your hunger is holy. Your truth is a direct line to The Divine. What you deeply desire will lead you into the life you were born to live and will require you to become the woman you are aching to become” – from Feminine Genius by Liyana Silver. ⁠⠀
There are few things in my life that I’m as proud of as I am of having LiYana Silver as a confidant, ally, friend and teacher. ⁠⠀
My God, meeting her alone would have been a boon this lifetime and anyone who has been in her sphere, I’m relatively certain feels the same. ⁠⠀
LiYana will love you, celebrate you, lead you, challenge you, enlighten you in all the right ways. Her provocative path has not been exclusively the tales of a gorgeous Gypsy queen dancing her way through the beauty and favor of this World. LiYana has willingly surrendered to the forces on high and allowed herself to dive to the depth of darkness, the whole time eloquently poetically sharing her blow by blow and alchemizing each kernel of heartbreak into pure spun Gold, word for word for us to devour. (Download an audio of her best selling Feminine Genius today at audible.com) ⁠⠀
This is a woman courageously willing to tell it like it is; risking being disruptive, being inappropriate, being wrong rather than keeping the treasure of her experience to herself. Women of the world, I recommend you silently drop to your knees and give thanks that a woman like LiYana Silver walks this Earth. ⁠⠀
It is in her guiding light that we may be able to find our own truth in the most unlikely places and live brilliantly ever after.⁠⠀
Go to Audible.com right now and you will be able to hear her read to you her best selling Feminine Genius!⁠
📍San Francisco

What Successful Personal Brand Photography Does

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WOO WARNING; If reading about purpose and freedom makes you cringe, enjoy the photo and scroll on. ⁠

One of the great gifts of this time is that it has put a big bright spotlight on our collective need for meaning.⁠

I’m so crazy, emphatically proud that the wisdom of the many gorgeous women and men that I work with day in and day out is getting to fulfill that need.⁠

When I think of the many teachers, speakers, authors, coaches and visionaries who I work with, I’m struck by how they all know they are meant to serve, they understand that their business is a vehicle for that service and at the heart of their business is a divine message they are purpose-driven to share. ⁠

They share a message to achieving⁠
peace of mind⁠
and love. ⁠

Being immersed in the great future they are building, it is impossible for me to not consider what impact I want my work to have.⁠
Sometimes people ask me what I do and my cheekiest response is “I’m making the world a more beautiful place, one photo at a time.” ⁠

AND the truth is the work we do goes so far beyond the photos.⁠

I want the work we do together ⁠
to expand your experience of what it means to be free,⁠
to amplify your message,⁠
to magnetize others to your work,⁠
to help you to fulfill your purpose and ⁠
to be a tool in you authoring the life you dream to live.⁠
Let’s work together to make the World a more beautiful, exalted and liberated place. ⁠

We are now booking our 2021 calendar and want to make you a part of it.

Get in touch today for deets! ⁠


p.s HUGE shout out to the beautiful and bold Ali Craig captured here #bts at her recent Savannah Personal Brand Photoshoot. ⁠

Ali is a woman who teaches, speaks, visions, designs and lives with a soul purpose to draw us all toward greater freedom within and without. ⁠

Find here, follow her and thank me later!