Personal Brand Photography with Sara Dann in LA, California

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personal_brand_photography_photographer_creative_portrait_headshot_professional_coach_author_blogger_speaker_consultant_natural_authentic_entrepreneur_hollywood_online_spiritual_business_mentor_career_los_angeles_californiaI work with countless accomplished online educators and when you meet one like Sara Dann, you just have to think “this girl has a gift!”⁠

It’s not just her ability to vision, build, launch, iterate in what seems like the blink of an eye or the speed with which she has built a financially booming business or even her creativity when it comes to designing and branding her many signature programs.⁠⠀
It is the way she sees possibility everywhere and in everyone.⁠ She not only believes that we can all have our dream business but she effortlessly sees the shape, outline, strategy to make it so. ⁠Sassy, smart and generous of spirit, there are many ways to work with this wonder of a woman. AND if you’ve got the get up and go, don’t delay. ⁠Find Sara and her signature programs here. ⠀
You still have time to join in on her newest program – The 500K sales starting next week. Register today at sara-dann(dot)com⁠ It will be worth every penny!⁠⠀
{Gorgeous hair and makeup by Dana Tao of Cheek to Cheek Artistry

Personal Brand Photoshoot on location in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Personal Brand Photography with Founder of Bold Self, Chiara Mazzucco

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: WOMAN TO WATCH || :: ⁠ ⁠ Chiara Mazzucco exudes tenacity, vision and stardom.


With the soul of a modern mystic ⁠ the edge of peak Joan Jett⁠ the innovative mind of the most adaptable + the poise of a stadium speaking motivator, it is no surprise to discover the multi faceted success this rock star has created over the years with her high-level business mentorship. ⁠

Add to her resume, a successful print magazine, a far reaching podcast, virtual salons that up level all the things, daily insta stories that give us a window into her adventurous and beautiful everyday life and her live powerhouse events, there is little that Chiara does not find success with in her life. ⁠

If becoming member to a community of wealthy, sovereign and self expressed leaders and rule breakers is your vibe, find The Bold Society and Chiara at and be ready for everything to change.

Fiercely fabulous hair & makeup by Rickie Bocanegra

Three Must Dos for creating authentic Personal Brand Photos

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Exceptional women work with me because they know that they will get images that are professional, beautiful and most importantly – authentically them. ⁠

I wanted to share with you my 3 must dos for creating images authentic to your brand;⁠

1. Tell a visual story that is true to what you would do, not what you normally do. Some folks get caught thinking that it’s in-genuine to have photos taken of them in a beautiful room with makeup done, wearing a fly new outfit, a perfectly frothed cappuccino in hand if #irl most days they are hunched over their laptop on their couch in yoga pants.

Let the story be one that you can easily imagine yourself doing even if it is not your day to day. ⁠

2. Bring intentionality + polish to real moments. Listen, I LOVE a shot of you in yoga pants, hair thrown up with your laptop on your couch. That said, there is a difference between me showing up unexpectedly on a Tues. morning (SURPRISE!) while you are genuinely trying to work and us being intentional in telling your everyday story beautifully + professionally.

These details bring polish to #irl moments;⁠
✔️ A well-lit space with personal details that tell us a little about you⁠
✔️ Clothing that optimizes for flattery over comfy + accessories that add a little bit of “oh, that’s pretty” to your look⁠
✔️ Hair/makeup that adds luminosity to your skin and brightens your eyes, aka letting yourself be glammed up a little in a way that still looks like you⁠
✔️ Position your body in a way that is equal parts natural and flattering⁠

3. Be in the moment.
 Whatever you are doing in the photos — genuinely DO the thing. Wherever you are in the photos, genuinely take in the space.
Wherever a client and I are working together, we are enjoying being in the space + whatever it is we are doing, me having a camera and taking pictures becomes secondary.

That’s why clients look at my photos and say, “They feel so natural.” Because they are! ⁠

Have fun,⁠

p.s Shout out to Brooke Price Makeup for this photo, one of my fav authentic images of me.