What Successful Personal Brand Photography Does


WOO WARNING; If reading about purpose and freedom makes you cringe, enjoy the photo and scroll on. ⁠

One of the great gifts of this time is that it has put a big bright spotlight on our collective need for meaning.⁠

I’m so crazy, emphatically proud that the wisdom of the many gorgeous women and men that I work with day in and day out is getting to fulfill that need.⁠

When I think of the many teachers, speakers, authors, coaches and visionaries who I work with, I’m struck by how they all know they are meant to serve, they understand that their business is a vehicle for that service and at the heart of their business is a divine message they are purpose-driven to share. ⁠

They share a message to achieving⁠
peace of mind⁠
and love. ⁠

Being immersed in the great future they are building, it is impossible for me to not consider what impact I want my work to have.⁠
Sometimes people ask me what I do and my cheekiest response is “I’m making the world a more beautiful place, one photo at a time.” ⁠

AND the truth is the work we do goes so far beyond the photos.⁠

I want the work we do together ⁠
to expand your experience of what it means to be free,⁠
to amplify your message,⁠
to magnetize others to your work,⁠
to help you to fulfill your purpose and ⁠
to be a tool in you authoring the life you dream to live.⁠
Let’s work together to make the World a more beautiful, exalted and liberated place. ⁠

We are now booking our 2021 calendar and want to make you a part of it.

Get in touch today for deets! ⁠


p.s HUGE shout out to the beautiful and bold Ali Craig captured here #bts at her recent Savannah Personal Brand Photoshoot. ⁠

Ali is a woman who teaches, speaks, visions, designs and lives with a soul purpose to draw us all toward greater freedom within and without. ⁠

Find here, follow her and thank me later!