Personal Brand Photography with Sara Dann in LA, California

personal_brand_photography_photographer_creative_portrait_headshot_professional_coach_author_blogger_speaker_consultant_natural_authentic_entrepreneur_hollywood_online_spiritual_business_mentor_career_los_angeles_californiaI work with countless accomplished online educators and when you meet one like Sara Dann, you just have to think “this girl has a gift!”⁠

It’s not just her ability to vision, build, launch, iterate in what seems like the blink of an eye or the speed with which she has built a financially booming business or even her creativity when it comes to designing and branding her many signature programs.⁠⠀
It is the way she sees possibility everywhere and in everyone.⁠ She not only believes that we can all have our dream business but she effortlessly sees the shape, outline, strategy to make it so. ⁠Sassy, smart and generous of spirit, there are many ways to work with this wonder of a woman. AND if you’ve got the get up and go, don’t delay. ⁠Find Sara and her signature programs here. ⠀
You still have time to join in on her newest program – The 500K sales starting next week. Register today at sara-dann(dot)com⁠ It will be worth every penny!⁠⠀
{Gorgeous hair and makeup by Dana Tao of Cheek to Cheek Artistry

Personal Brand Photoshoot on location in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.