Time to STOP Waiting on the Weight

Most of my life I understood that good stuff could happen but only after “I lost weight”.

It seems like many of us are unintentionally programmed to think this. For me, it was my incredibly supportive and loving single mom, who had been so adventurous in her youth and by the time I was old enough to understand, she had decided that no more adventure would happen until she lost “some weight”.

So many smart, beautiful women can spend years waiting; waiting to put ourselves out there, waiting to start our business, waiting to have a photoshoot, waiting to travel waiting and waiting until we lose the weight.

And we can waste years waiting with no losing of the weight in sight.

If I had a nickel for each time a client of mine said they had wanted to wait to book their photos until they were thinner, I wouldn’t be rich but I would have 100s if not 1000s of nickels.

In today’s economy, a nickel doesn’t get you very far but the point is we are putting off having fulfillment in our lives and our desires because we believe that we can’t have them until the scale gives us a specific number.

What I’m about to say will be no surprise and…

Your contribution will not be determined by how close you are to your “ideal weight” , it will be determined by your passion, by your generosity and by your ability to positively impact those around you.

When a client tells me that “they had been wanting to wait on having a shoot until they lost weight”, I think HALLELUJAH!

Your saying this is a version of “F*** it, let’s do this. I’m done with waiting to lose the weight and I want to just go for it and see what happens.”

You have decided to leap regardless, to remember that the belief we need to be a certain size is false.

Your leap is not just for you but for ALL of us who are waiting.

Your YES is you saying “Life is meant to be lived NOW. I’ve got soul work to do that can not wait until I fit into those high school jeans.”

Your yes is you saying “I am exactly the right size to do the work I’m meant to do. Period.”

Your YES is an inspiration for us all.

It’s time for us all to lose the real wait.