Personal Branding Photography with Jenn Bradshaw Almond in Boston, Massachusetts

Jenn Bradshaw Almond is the Modern Day Medicine Woman leading the Personal Wellness Revolution with her adventurous, enthusiastic, feisty personality and her ability to live in an endless state of awe and wonder. It is through this exhilarating state of emotion that Jen evokes a zest for life in others through her genius way of blending multiple modalities for healing including astrology, tarot, flower essence, muscle testing and wholistic kinesiology. As a personal trainer, intuitive and health coach she effortlessly combines the old world and mystical traditions with her intimate knowledge of the body to find the imbalances or blocks within to heal and transform your inner emotional landscape and expand your consciousness to new heights. Her contagious laughter, commitment to living in the moment and aligning with the magic of the Universe will lead you to living a deliciously joyful, nourishing and balanced lifestyle.


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