Personal Branding Photography with Lisa Lewtan in Boston, Massachusetts

Everything about the life Lisa Lewtan has created for herself is “on brand. You look at her physical health, her family, her marriage, her relationships and her home and you think “damn, this is Healthy, Happy and Hip if I ever saw it. Having “killed it” in the tech industry by starting, leading and selling a successful financial tech company, Lisa discovering that the cost of success was her own well being. Knowing something needed to shift and having no idea what that was until she discovered in her 40’s this thing we call intuition and listening somewhat skeptically and also astutely to it’s call, she changed her relationship to food, health, and wellness and to become a leader among others who are living “Busy, Stressed and Food-Obsessed” without knowing where to turn or how to create lasting positive change. Lisa is a woman who shows us the power, pleasure and positive impact that comes through shifting our internal compass towards deeply caring for our bodies, our minds and our spirits leading us to feel beautiful, alive and vibrant. Magnetic in her listening, Lisa’s presence pulls from us deeply, honestly and authentically. It is with this deep, receptive and thoughtful vortex of insight and connection that she transforms the lives of those who are feel hopeless into breathing, living examples of her brand, into Happy, Healthy and Hip individuals. Trust me, you won’t be able to leave her presence without a smile on your face and a spring in your step.


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