Personal Branding Photography with Elizabeth Vagianos in Boston, Massachusetts

There are a million sports metaphors I could use here and I might toss in one or two AND where I want your attention to be is on the way Elizabeth Vagianos is adding freshness, femininity and fashion to an the old boys club of Major League Sports. As a life-long fan girl and an inherently stylish woman, Liz looked around at the world of sports and realized there was a big missing and she was going to fill it. From consulting with major league teams on how to attract women fans to is teaching women how to bond with style, fun and girlfriends over fantasy football through her “Goddess Guide to Fantasy Football” to her Hera Sport guides that are becoming the go-to guides for female fans in big cities, Liz is putting her money and efforts where her mouth is and adding the necessary flirt and fun that most women long for when it comes to being a fan. Liz is the key player for all us ladies who want to trade up the beer and bleacher seats for champagne and Chanel! Liz it is easy to be your #1 Fan when you shine that gorgeous smile and tell us that your “gameface” includes mascara. We are hip hip hooraying your bold moves and commitment to making a day at the park an opportunity to cheer on the home team and look fabulous doing it.


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