Personal Branding Photography with Mike Watts in Maine

We are all fortunate that Kate Northrup & Mike Watts are the ever-glowing ever-laughing, ever-learning power duo that they are. Wanting us to embrace freedom, fall in love with money and create a lifestyle that aligns with our values, Kate & Mike are transforming beliefs about fear and money and ushering in a new reality where following what lights you up is the path to prosperity and abundance. They are now in the greatest crucible of change, being parents to the magnetic and bright Penelope and through that growth discovering how it is possible to integrate life, family, business and freedom. At home on the beautiful banks of Maine, Kate and Mike are nurturing a family, creating a loving, nourishing home and running a business that supports others financial freedom and lifestyle. Open your doors and hearts to Kate & Mike and you will instantly be greeted with warmth, generosity and tools to prosper in your own life.


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