If being a photographer is your dream job, you are in the right place.

Let me show you how to turn your dream of being paid to take photos into a sustainable thriving business with a full calendar of ideal clients, financial abundance and an “are-you kidding-me-this-is-my-life?” life.


When I decided I wanted to be a photographer it was the hard to believe idea that people would PAY me to take photos with my camera that got me hooked. Was it like that for you too –  that first time someone paid you to do this work and you thought – “Are you kidding me? People will give me money to take pictures, to do something I LOVE doing. This is my dream job!”?

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I discovered the hard way that being paid to take pictures and having a career as a photographer were not the same thing. I learned that to have a successful, financially sustainable photography career also meant I signed up to have a career as saleswoman, marketing director, copy writer,  customer service representative, COO, CFO and eventual a CEO.

Any of us who want to have a fulfilling life where we are supported financially not just creatively by our photography, eventually need to learn how to run a successful business.

The path that I took over the last two decade to have the thriving business I do today is what I want to share with you, the practical, the mindset, the failures, the re-learnings, the systems, the must dos, the must avoids and the practices that keep me generating multi 6 figures year after year.

Make your dream a reality, one photo shoot at a time

Today, I spend more than 30 weeks of the year exploring the places in the world I want to see.


Part of my dream life was to travel the World doing work I love. I spend weeks at a time living in global cities like Paris, London, Florence, Sydney, NY, LA and Miami. My work takes me to places like Ibiza, Provence, St. Tropez, Tulum, Panama. I work in the Pacific Northwest, New England, the Rocky Mountains and countless places in between.

I shoot 10 days a month on average, charging a premium price and I still have the ability to over-deliver — in a way that feels grounded and generous, and no longer depletes me.  My clients rave about my work, and regularly thank me for helping them see themselves in a way they have always felt but never seen, as beautiful and open.

I pack a mean suitcase, am obsessed with purposeful wandering (aka location scouting), get as excited to talk sales and marketing as I do framing and f-stops and I want you to have the same – because life is too short not to start making our dreams come true today.

The Business of


May I be blunt? Having a business like this has little to do with the quality of your photos, or how hard you work. It has everything to do with having the confidence and knowledge to run a successful business.

Most of us have a unique version of what a “dream photography business” looks like, maybe your version includes first-class tickets to the farthest corners of the World, maybe it’s a full calendar of  ideal clients and two months off a year to spend with your family, maybe it is being so “in demand” that you have the financial freedom to choose when and with whom you work.

Whatever your version of a dream photography business is  I’ll teach you what you need to know – and what you need to do – to make it happen.

Photographer, Work with me on your business and you’ll walk away with:

  • Confidence in your ability to earn an income as a personal brand photographer
  • Unique, high-end packages that are intelligently priced
  • Clear-headedness about what makes your work unique
  • Knowing who your clients are and what they really want from you
  • Making sure you deliver an experience + final product your clients adore and will RAVE about
  • A step-by-step marketing plan and action steps to generate leads now – and the ability to generate more leads whenever you want them
  • Proven-to-work sales conversation guides, marketingtemplatesand systems to free you up to get out of the office and out taking photos!
  • Pro tips for everything from location scouting and telling stories with your photos, to marketing, client delight and creating raving fans and repeat customers
  • Exclusive tricks and tips for creating successful Personal Brand Photos –from posing to props to bringing out what makes your clients unique

What is included

in the Business of Personal Brand Photography Mentorship

Mentorship is custom tailored to meet you where you are… and more importantly, where you want to go in your future. After our kick-off call, I’ll design a personalized curriculum for you. Your unique curriculum may include lessons on topics like: how to create a package that appeals to your ideal client, how to market your work effectively, turning inquiries into sales, creating efficient systems that allow you to do more of the work you love, organizing your time and resources to best support a lifestyle of freedom and deep satisfaction, or how to create magazine quality images that capture what makes your client unique.

Option No1

Small Group Virtual Masterclass

Art & Business of Personal Brand Photography Virtual Masterclass is designed to give you the best of group learning along with individual attention.  You will to walk away from this 8 week experience knowing how to differentiate yourself in the market place, what packages to be offering your potential clients NOW, how to attract potential clients and how to turn those inquiries into sales. With weekly modules, a 60 page workbook and live Q&A calls, we cover everything you need to know to build, grow and succeed in the art & business of Personal Brand Photography including sales, marketing, fulfillment and systems.  Learn everything there is about the Art & Business of Personal Brand Photography and get on the list to be the first to know when registration opens by clicking here.

Option No2

Exclusive one-to-one Mentoring

Exclusive private one to one Mentorship is designed to give you maximum accountability and weekly action steps custom designed to your growth. Over the course of your 10 private hour long calls, you and I will dive deep into every area you need to grow your successful photography business. Our topics may include – creating an irresistible offer that appeals to your ideal client and how to market it, turning inquiries into sales, building and implementing efficient systems that allow you to do more of the work you love, confidence and clarity in how to lead your clients to get the results they want, organizing your time and resources to best serve your life and business. In addition you will receive full access to my virtual Art & Business of Personal Brand Photography Masterclass, my 60 page guidebook and unlimited private email access to me throughout. The investment for Private Mentorship is $3450 and offered to a limited number of photographers each year. To discover if we are a great fit, contact us today.

Option No3

90-minute one to one Deep Dive

Need an experienced professional to give you feedback about your marketing plan, portfolio, packages, sales process without getting into a full coaching package? Have a question you just can’t stop ping-ponging in your head and that if answered would get your business cruising? Want to know first hand how I handle situations, communication or concerns with my clients? Think of this as having a successful seasoned pro on speed-dial, you can book one up 90-minute zoom sessions where we go all in on whatever is going to best support your business now/today. I’ll share with you any resources and will be an open-book to how we do things here at Wendy Yalom Photography. This is a great value at $550 for 90 minutes. Ready to get your 90 minutes with Wendy on the calendar today, click here.


You’ll also receive my exclusive Art +Business of Personal Brand Photography Handbook, a complete 65 page booklet that covers everything you need to know about marketing, sales, and client satisfaction in this business. Finally, you’ll have access to my private clients-only email address throughout your mentorship, so when a question comes up, I’ll help you answer it.

Curious if Mentorship with Wendy is the right fit for you?

Super! Let’s get your Qs Aed. I work with a limited number of committed individuals who believe that being a photographer is their dream job. As an “all in mentor”, I’m dedicated to your success and only work with photographers who I know I can serve and believe whole heartedly can succeed. Ready to discover if you are one of them?