Become a Personal Brand Photographer

an 8 week LIVE virtual Masterclass with Industry Leader Wendy Yalom

If you had asked me a decade ago if my career would become what it is today I would have said “I WISH!” 

When I started as a Personal Brand Photographer in 2012, I never imagined that I would one day be able to write “World Traveling Brand Photographer” as my job title and actually MEAN it.

When I started out doing this work, I never imagined that I would be year after year generating multiple six-figures working with hundreds of ideal clients the World over.

When I started I did not know the first thing about marketing or selling or building a sustainable business.

Like most of the photographers I mentor, when I started it was because I wanted to use my talent as a photographer to earn a living. I felt excited to discover a field of photography ripe with possibility, that inspired me creatively and gave me the opportunity to work with clients who I admired.

Once the dream to Become a Personal Brand Photographer took hold, I had to discover not only how to find clients, how to design and deliver an experience that would fulfill their desires, how to package it, market it and sell it but the confidence and belief in my ability to do so.

THAT is the path I want to share with you.

I see so many capable photographers not achieving the kind of success they know is possible.

This has nothing to do with the quality of your photos, or how hard you work.You have the desire, you have the ability and you have the drive to be successful. What you need are the business and marketing tools to help you attract & book your ideal clients and deliver in a way that makes them eager to come back – and tell ALL their friends to work with you. I want you to have that too and in a fraction of the time it took me so I’ve created …

It’s taken me years to get to where I am today, and I want to help you do it in a fraction of the time.

Join me for this exclusive virtual 8 week Masterclass and you will walk away knowing – 

  • How to attract and book your ideal client
  • How to build, package and price a high ticket offer
  • How to convert inquiries into sales
  • How to deliver an experience + final product they will RAVE about
  • How to design and fulfill a premium photoshoot experience for your clients
  • How to use your website and social media to grow your client base
  • How to create automated systems that let you get out from behind your laptop  
In Addition, you will get –
  • My best strategies and *insider tips* for everything from location scouting, most practices for emailing your client to how to turn things around when a shoot goes sideways
  • Sales scripts, marketing templates and systems that can help free you up to focus more on what you love: taking photos
  • Custom designed project and time management action templates
  • My full Client Communication Sequence
And most importantly, the mindset to confidently earn a living as a personal branding photographer
Week 1 – How to get out of the hours for dollars equation

Let’s agree that none of us will ever have a sustainable business if we are constantly competing in the hours for dollars game. Most of the photographers I see stuck in this trap don’t know how to create a premium experience for their clients for one of two reasons. 1. They don’t understand that the value of their work is far greater than the photos alone or 2. They don’t know how to describe how why their offer is uniquely valuable. We dive deep in our first week together to discover and put into words the value of your unique offer.

Week 2 – Fall in love with Marketing
If you were going to have a successful business you need to fall in love with marketing. Period. Most of the photographers I work with don’t love marketing because they don’t know how to do it well, they are lost when it comes to where to market or what to say. In week two, we learn how to market effectively and where the best places are to find your ideal clients.
Week 3 – Have a successful sales call 100% of the time

The biggest game changer in my business was learning how to have a successful sales conversation. This week I’m going to teach you how to have a successful sales conversation every time you have an inquiry.

week 4 – Delivering fan worthy results
Week three is about understanding the unique needs of personal brand clients and how to design a shoot that is specific to their needs. I’ll teach you the process I use with all of my clients to understand their brand and plan their photoshoot.
Week 5 – go #BTS live with me and a client
This week is an extra special 90 minute session for you to come behind the scenes LIVE with me photographing a client. You’ll see me set up/style the shoot and work live with a client. You will be able to interact with me directly and ask questions throughout the entire process and I’ll be revealing to you why I am doing what I do throughout. This is a very special opportunity and I can’t wait for you to get behind the lenses with me.
Week 6 – Becoming your own CEO
Week six is the week we bring it all together. I’ll reveal all the structures and systems that keep my business thriving. We will share with you how we use our custom crafted CRM, manage our client communications, handle bookings, contracts and team. This is the week you become the head honcho of your company whether it is a one person show or you have team that are supporting your dream.
BONUS WEEK  – Is your website working to inspire inquiries?

Ever worry that your website is not optimized for generating inquiries? What should you include, what should you say, what is most important for your clients to see? This week you’ll learn the four fundamentals to include on every website. We’ll get into the weeds together to examine live sites and use them as examples for how you can make simple changes to your website to make it work for you.

Timing & Dates

AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER, you will receive our full client communication email sequence.

September 1st, you will receive our 50 page guidebook and your get in action plan.

Our First Week of Live Lessons begins September 7 and will run weekly through November 6.

All calls will be recorded and available for replay/download.

Your Investment


Early Bird Registration – Register before August 20th, 12PT using coupon code EARLYBIRD for $250 off registration PLUS  a bonus End of Year Review/2021 Strategy One to One call with Wendy

We are capping registration at 40 photographers. As of August 1st, we are half full.


Is this class right for you and FAQs

This Is For You If:

  • You’ve built a profitable business that includes personal brand photography and know there is a next level for you that a seasoned expert can help you achieve
  • You’ve been paid for your work, but aren’t getting consistent clients, or earning at the level you know you’re capable of
  • You take beautiful photos, and want the business skills to create a profitable business, doing what you love
  • You struggle with delivering consistent results to your clients, sometimes your photos are great and sometimes they need improvement
  • You want to feel unshakable confidence in your ability to build and grow your business
  • You want to feel unshakable confidence in your ability to deliver great results to your clients
  • You want to be mentored by someone who has been in your shoes, and now has a thriving multiple-6-figure business

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You’re a total newbie – you’ve always dreamed of being a photographer, but don’t know the basic technical skills of the craft
  • You enjoy photography, but don’t really have an interest in turning your hobby into a career
  • You are curious about Personal Brand Photography but have no idea what it is
  • You are looking for a quick fix or formula to imitate vs. a blueprint that you can customize to your unique strengths
  • You are not willing to change what you believe or what you are currently doing
  • You think that earning great money for your work means you’ve ‘sold out’
  • Your work is exclusive to other types of photography (events, weddings, family/maternity, etc.)
  • You don’t have any interest in learning and growing – as a photographer and an entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make the live calls, will recordings be available? If so, for how long?

Yes! All calls will be recorded and replays will be available to everyone in the course for at least 5 years. You can revisit the recordings as your business grows and your questions change.

I’m already offering Personal Branding Photography. I want to be charging more and finding more clients. Do you think this class can help me?

Yes! This class is made for you! I’ve heard this again and again from talented personal branding photographers, that they are just not able to charge what they want to be charging or attract the kind of clients they want to attract. In this class, you’ll learn everything I do to attract and book clients. What I’m teaching is something that I had special access to and is something you can easily recreate if you are will to put in the time and energy. These are not done for you techniques, they are the strategies and practices that I used to build a multi six figure personal branding photography business and you can use them too!

I’m just getting started with photography. Is this Masterclass right for me?

I’ve designed this course for photographers who already have a grasp of technical skills needed to take a great photo. While we will focus on the “art” of Personal Branding Photography during week 5, the rest of the Masterclass is focused on the business of personal branding photography – including marketing strategies, systems and structures to help you succeed.

I’m not a personal branding photographer (nor interested in being one). Can I still get value from this class?

Anyone who wishes to grow their photography business can get value from this Masterclass. However, I’ve specifically designed the curriculum for photographers who wish to focus on personal branding photography, or add it to their existing offerings.