Personal Branding Photography with the Ultimate Power Couple: Kate + Mike in San Francisco

I’ve been trying to find the perfect word to describe Kate & Mike, the way it feels to be with them, the way the World feels uniquely impacted by them and I don’t know if there is a word. “Gravitas” although nailing the power of their presence is all together too formal for these two. “Influential” speaks to the 1000s whose lives they have positively made freer and is missing something of their playful approachability. “Power couple” comes closest in describing their purpose driven, real world results successful collaboration and says nothing about the laugh till you cry frequency of their humor and ease. Kate & Mike as close as I can get is to say that your presence is an active felt experience of what it means to be, live, feel free. If you are someone who values Freedom, I mean really values freedom, take lesson of the way Mike & Kate live, love and serve. We will be that much closer to a Freedom Family of 7 billion. Now THAT is a world I look forward to living in!

Personal Branding Photoshoot with Kate and Mike by Wendy K Yalom

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