Personal Branding Photography with Julie Santiago in San Francisco, California

One of the gifts of working with women who are leaders is to tease out aspects of them that they reveal personally & professionally and have yet to be captured. Julie Santiago is a woman of warmth and gratitude and leadership. She is a living breathing walks her walk and talks her talk kind of leader. The aspect Julie & I longed to capture was her fiery magical wisdom when it comes to take the path less taken. Julie’s brightness and vibrancy are inherent as is her depth of knowing and her courage to continue to move forward even in the darkest of places. Where Julie goes magic exists. Sit in a sister circle with her and you will discover your own well-spring of openness and intimacy. Reminding us all that we have more than enough, her 40 Day Gratitude Circle is a rich community and bright place to pend your time. Julie Santiago, keep lighting the way. We are lucky you are willing to take us so brightly into the future

Personal Branding Photoshoot with Julie Santiago by Wendy K Yalom

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