Brand Photography with Leah Gervais in New York City

If you could bottle the verve of Leah Gervais, you’d give solar power a run for it’s money, if you could blueprint her path to finding purpose, you would mint a billion and if you knew how to capitalize on her sweetness, sugar would be long gone. It’s no surprise that this urban 20something, born of entrepreneurial blood, had the good fortune to discover what she loved and what she was truly good at on break from her “real world” path and then had the intelligence and ambitious to build a business and a brand out of it. Her traveller blog became a popular millennial call to action and that segued into a profitable series of courses on copywriting and how to build wealth outside your day job and today into coaching urban20something’s on how to get out of their quarter life trap and become an urban20someone. Take a stroll through this sharp go getters blog and you’ll walk away with a helping of great storytelling, ways to shift and evolve your perspective on money AND an example of how much joy and natural ambition comes from a woman living on purpose.

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