Brand Photoshoot with Nancy Levin in San Francisco, California

As down to Earth as Nancy Levin is there is nothing ordinary about her. Equally buoyant and present, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who in Nancy’s presence has felt anything short of welcomed, brightened and touched. This publishing powerhouse started her celebrated writing career by taking the darkest night of her soul and weaving it into a relatable read showing others the path to their own worthiness. With her fourth book hitting the shelves this summer, Nancy has made obvious her gift for communicating authentic stories, beliefs, dreams, blueprints that make it possible for her readers to again and again jump and trust that their life will appear. If you know Nancy you will know what I mean when I say – THANK GOD for her voice at this moment in time, her clear, open, shining voice and for those who do not yet know Nancy Levin – get yourself a copy of her “Worthy” or her “Jump” today and you will be saying THANK GOD too.


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