Brand Photoshoot with Karen Diaz in Miami, Florida

When you talk to Karen Claire Diaz about worth, about satisfaction and about the future, you get just what a revolutionary she is. As a coach, dietician and eating disorder expert, Karen believes every woman deserves a life free from obsession around food and weight and she has a meta perspective on how to expand our collective quality of life through self development tools but it is when she goes within that she discovers her real work. It is there that she found how to establish a wealth of self-worth and personal satisfaction with who she is here now today and a demanding need to pass that wisdom onto her next generation. As a mother and a born giver, Karen has done the deep work of understanding how to turn her light on within and illuminate it with love and she wants to show you how to do the same. Karen wants you to have a free life and greater than that she wants it for every generation of girl to come! Learn more about Karen here.

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