Brand Photoshoot with Yvette Danae in San Francisco, California

You can’t spend an instant with this edgy treasure and not feel, see, experience her depth. With the gives no fu**s altitude of a liberated woman, Yvette Danae really does give a fu**. Having already blown the roof off a location independent business that allows her and her husband to live the kind of dream life many of us long for, Yvette, after her own dark night of the soul, turned her exquisite attention towards plumbing her own dark depth and discovered the beauty that was there. She has found that not only is she able to slay it as a boss lady, she can also lead others gracefully into their own murky uncertainty and hold them in a way that allows them to feel safe to open, align and evolve. Think that churning inside you is nothing but a doomed and foreboding hurricane that needs containing? LetYvette help you discover that if you allow the storm, you will come out the other side in the welcoming nurturing brilliance of a tropical blue shore. And the water is divine.


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