Brand Photoshoot with Simone Levie and Dolly Heuveling in LA

Rarely will you see two women live such an unabashedly bold and successful life as you will Dolly Heuveling van Beek and Simone Levie. Savvy, present with a monster dose of FUN, these two women are mindset shifting, dream life inspiring and touching deeply into the hearts of their Amsterdam community and tribe. If you have a chance to meet these two truly extraordinary women, know that their zest for fun is matched by their depth of soul and their uniquely savvy business acumen! Having a very clear connection to Source and willingness to trust their own wisdom and motivation, Dolly and Simone are without a doubt enjoying the ride they have found themselves on while on a bullet train of reach. Find them on the stage of a sold-out theater in Amsterdam and you will find yourself blown open by their iconic presence. Learn more about Dolly here + Simone here.