Brand Photoshoot with Marla Mattenson and Julian Colker in Paris

It is easy to look at a couple like Marla Mattenson & Julian Colker and understand the depth of meaning behind Beshert, a yiddish word that describes a couple who are divinely foreordained, destined. Their chemistry is palpable and shared joy obvious but you’d be remiss to stop there. What gives this couple stand outness and fuels their successful top of the game relationship and intimacy coachingpractice is their ability to openly express and articulate the nuance of exquisite relating when not feeling passionate and joyful. With an approach that only those who have been deep in the inner work for decades could hold space and attention for, it is no surprise that their client roster includes many of today’s high performance entrepreneurial couples and individuals. They attract those at the top of their success game who know that if their partnership and intimacy were as prosperous as their business pursuits, they’d be unstoppable. Just as Marla & Julian are.

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