Brand Photoshoot with Jacquie Somerville in Paris

You would not be remiss to think that we have been in a heat wave here in Paris and the truth is Jacquie Somerville  is in town and is calling all women to unleash their inner sexy and embrace the wild and wonderful love affair they can have with life. Irresistibly confident and unabashed in owning her sex appeal, Jacquie wants all women to know that they too can live a life of deep personal power and satisfaction through tapping into their own vixen and letting her delight in love, relationship and life. Refined and deliberate in her yes to the world, Jacquie wants to help those who long to feel connected, find the courage to be sexy, desirable and alive. This smart stylish stunner is absolutely on fire and I recommend you take off your jacket and enjoy the sizzle she creates!

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