Brand Photoshoot with Emily Benson in Paris

When I tell you that Emily Benson is in a retail mindset, you’ll like might be surprised to learn what I mean by that. A boutique business consultant and author, Emily has helped countless retail entrepreneurs make more money in their business, so they can have more fun in their life. After launching a very successful and totally original mobile store in Boston, Emily discovered how to keep a business with a healthy happy bottom line along with the owner having a healthy, happy life. A glowing example of a woman who is a YES to the unexpected adventure of life, together with her partner Greg these two are reinventing the rules of success and it is exactly that mindset that Emily wants to pass along to her clients. Either through listening to her podcast, reading her book or having the privilege of working with her in one of her dynamic groups, you’ll discover that having a retail business can b rewarding both financially and personally. Let Emily put you in a retail state of mind and get busy with the results you are dreaming of having.

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