Scenes from #PurposefulWandering Positano 2016

A year ago I was on a small boat in Positano headed to a restaurant/beach club and on the way passed this incredible spot. I soooo wanted to be here on that sea side deck. It was an “omg, I want to stay there. I’m going to take a picture to remember it” moment.

I had plans this coming weekend to be in Cinque Terre, non-refundable tickets bought, hotels secured with deposit and the more I exploredcinque terre on line the less excited I felt, I kept thinking “it will be fun, you’ll explore, you’ll find great stuff”

I was talking myself into going. Do you ever do that? Try to talk yourself into being excited about something you are not. AND as much as I travel it is rare that I choose to go somewhere just for me and not for a shoot so what was I doing? I asked myself where would I WANT to go and all I could think was Amalfi, I kept coming back to Amalfi so I hopped onĀ hotels.comĀ and started to explore what was available and this exact hotel kept coming up again and again and I kept thinking “nooo, too expensive.” “nooo, I already booked all that travel to cinque terre, just go” and “nooo, you’ll have to buy another train ticket and return flight and then a car to get you to Positano.” AND my God, I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to go for it, to splurge and it wasn’t until I booked and started to explore the website that I remembered this moment on that boat thinking to myself “I want to be there”.

Feeling so much fortune in this moment to have a rewarding career, strong and loving friendships and the opportunity to fulfill a dream such as this. Wow. So anyway, yup, ecstatic.