Brand Photoshoot with Rachel Goodman Burch in Orange County, California

There is something funny about Rachel Goodman Burch. So funny it is hard not to be constantly cracking up in her presence unless of course, you are in one of her hard hitting no nonsense coaching session. A woman ambitious and driven as few women are there are few desires Rachel has had that she has not gone for 110%. A successful former attorney whose current path like all of the most fruitful was born out of a desire to serve the ones she loves the most, the well being of her son, Rachel has redefined what it means to be a high performer. Now spending cherished time with her two incredible sons and taking a lifetime of understanding how to most directly find success and achieve goals, Rachel has built a comfortable coaching practice that offers a life raft to women who are drowning in overwhelm and burnout introducing them to a life that has it all and the ability and spaciousness to experience it with happiness, health and gratitude!

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