Brand Photoshoot with Anese Cavanaugh in San Francisco, California

Intentional Energetic Presence. It is not just the quality of being that Anese Cavanaugh brings to each moment it is her gift to translate what it takes to have Intentional Energetic Presence to leaders and facilitators bringing about the kind of evolution our business culture needs. Published author, engaging speaker, sharp advisor and the creator of the IEP METHOD, Anese is not here to play small but nor is it about her. A woman who genuinely is here to make the biggest impact possible, Anese works joyfully at training others to facilitate her method and run with it authentically trusting that it is not about her, it is about the work. Sassy and driven while being down to Earth and adventurous, Anese Cavanaugh & The IEP Method are here to stay and if we are lucky soon enough every organization on the Planet will have the depth of presence and ability to succeed the way Anese’s clients do. 

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