Brand Photoshoot with Yael Rose in Majorca, Spain

Yael Rose is a 10 and wants you to be too! There are few women as committed to living a truly wealthy life as Yael Rose is and for her wealthy starts with living at a 10. After almost 2 decades settled into a traditional marriage, kids, work world, Yael, as inherently adventurous as she is beautiful, began to notice the places she was holding back and how she had lost touch with her vibrancy. Turning to her wisdom from her coaching practice and her know how in branding, Yael first looked at her life and noted where she was living below a 10, where she had settled on a 5 being good enough, where she had lost her verve to go for what she wanted and where she would have to make courageous choices to upgrade. Never a woman to shrink in the face of a challenge, Yael took to reinventing herself, reading everything she could on living her best life and being willing to make the bold choices necessary to be able to say YES, now this is life at a 10. When you meet Yael, you will not be surprised to find a woman of candor, directness, femininity, and faith. You’ll find a woman who is a master connector and can create a brand or coordinate an event like nobodies business, you’ll find a warm, open woman who is relaxing into a place of leadership and is making the choices day in and day out to fall in love with her gorgeous life.


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