Brand Photoshoot with Melissa Pharr in New York

Every once in awhile you meet a woman as original and out of the box as Melissa Pharr. Melissa wants to turn your world upside down and sideways showing how effing Ah-mazing it can feel to be financial free and slaying it when it comes to your personal well being as well as your professional. A straight talking, self effacing hottie with the acumen of a top tier strategist who if she had her druthers would live in a perpetual dance party, Melissa has taken going from an under-earner to unforgettable to a whole new level. This bad-a** will show you how to ascend the ladder of success while genuinely enjoying herself and avoiding the typical female entrepreneurial burn out that comes when you grow your business by the kinds of leaps and bounds Melissa has. Get your booty on this band wagon and trust me when I tell you you will have the best time ever.

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