Brand Photoshoot with Rachel McMichael in Los Angeles, California

Well HELLO gorgeous! That is a way you are likely to be greeted by Rachel McMichael. 100 kinds of bright, driven and delighted to be of service, Rachel, lovingly referred to as the techspert, wants to put the fun into making funnels and take the eek out of tech. With a sharp and cheerful sense of style, Rachel delights in strategy, goal setting and fulfillment as much as she does pink and polka-dots. Always with #coffeeandcomputer on hand, this equal parts beautiful and intelligent non-geeky techspert believes you were meant for greatness and is obsessed with taking care of the techy stuff so you can stress less and focus more of your time and energy on the things you love the most! Need an effective funnel, you got it. Want a killer website, handled. Lost when it comes to FB ads, you’re covered. Seeking someone who knows the ropes and can coach you on crafting a business you love, Rachel Allen McMichael is your woman for that!

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