Brand Photoshoot with Megan LaRussa Chenoweth in Birmingham, Alabama

Megan LaRussa Chenoweth wants to work her way out of a job. She wants every woman on this planet to be embracing and inspired by the life they are living and she wants to start with the clothes that are on your back. Working from the outside in, Megan has a unique approach to being a stylist, one that allows the woman she’s working with to discover her unique style along with her unique purpose in life. Charming thoughtful and innovative this original beauty is redefining what it means to help a woman be well dressed. Through her unique talent and perspective, Megan LaRussa has developed a process for guiding a woman to discover where she is living a “should” and how to start living a “now, THAT’s me!”. Wanting to reach as many women as possible, Megan not only appears frequently on television taking about the latest trends, she has developed an acclaimed virtual program to help every women look and feel their best. Trust me when I say Megan is up to making the kind of impact that will eventually make her job obsolete, one where every woman has confidence in their own unique style and is living into the kind of life they dream of. Until that day, we are all lucky to have Megan here to shepherd us onward.

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