Brand Photoshoot with Rosanne Austin in Healdsburg, California

Rosanne Austin knows how to make miracles happen and it’s probably not what you think. A year ago, Rosanne had taken her experience with the frustration that comes along with trying to get pregnant and failing, coupled with her no nonsense support, background in Personal Development work and her desire to have a business that lead women toward a freer happier life and was happily supporting other women on their own path to finding peace in the midst of a trying process. She & her husband Brandon had come to terms with not having a baby of their own and her ability to help other women feel that same kind of ease was a gift. Little did they know their journey was just beginning, now 8 months into her unexpected pregnancy, Rosanne is more capable then ever of being a beacon toward which other can turn when they have come to a point of giving up and surrendering to their feeling of loss. I have no doubt that their beautiful son will not only serve as a great gift to them both but as an important role in changing the way many women navigate the process of pregnancy.

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