Brand Photoshoot with Jacquelyn Mitchell in San Francisco, California

Jacquelyn Mitchell is not afraid to go the extra mile. What happens when you take a woman steeped in the wisdom of self development with an understanding of the commitment and resilience and sweat needed to achieve your goals and introduce her to the kind of longing and despair so many women feel when stuck in a position with a company with no prospect of growth? You get a coach who understands what it takes to find success and freedom in a place that previously felt hopeless, you get a coach who will not only cheer you on from the sidelines but will get dirty in service to getting you across that finish line, you get a mentor who wants you to have the corner office and enjoy the ride getting there, you get Jacquelyn Mitchell. Tested and capable, Jacquie will do what it takes to help you attain your dreams and start earning both the credibility and salary you deserve.

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