Personal Branding Photography with Elena Agrizzi in Maui

It is easy to see how trying to describe Elena Agrizzi of Magic Inspired Living by Elena Agrizzi can leave one wordless. Like a rainbow, she is a luminous prism of vision, joy, intelligence, inspiration and it is her connection with source, her vibrancy, her way of YESing life that can leave you speechless. Taking her desire that we all are living magic inspired life from one epically beautiful corner of the world to another, Elena has that unique combination of chutzpah, intuition and ability to activate her desires into reality through action. If you want to live a , there is no better role model. Elena’s practice is to live each day full out and when the Universe asks if she would like to play to sing back in her gorgeous lilting Italian voice YES YES YES!! When you live a life like Elena, there is no need to chase rainbows, they come out searching for you!

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