Personal Branding Photography with Serena Sandstrom in Maui

When you meet a visionary like Serena Sandstrom it is tough not to awaken your own potential. Risk taker, dreamer & innovator, there is something about being in the world of a woman whose depth of presence and wisdom is matched with a style as much effortless as impeccable that brings out the part of ourselves that wants for more, dreams for more and has the potential to make it so. A success coach and business mentor for driven and passionate women, Serena has developed a powerful method for recognizing our deep desires, tools to transform our personal and professional lives into the bright future we long for and is on a mission to give every entrepreneurial women the the most powerful asset she can have, a practice called Self Leadership. An hour spent in the company of Serena is likely to profoundly impact your ability to create results, having the privilege of getting to work with her or participate in one of her group programs will without a doubt change your life and transform you into the confident, fearless and dynamic leader you are destined to be.

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