Brand Photoshoot with Dana Bowman in Los Angeles, California

On first meeting Dana Bowman, you would never imagine anything in relation to this spritely luminescent down to earth women other than joy. These days, for the most part, you would be right AND would be remiss to not notice the depth, vulnerability and true heroine journey she has been on. As multifaceted as she is a delight to be with, Dana beautifully exemplifies the act of going fully for it to discover if it is right for you and a continuous willingness to pivot and redirect her boundless energy in service to realizing her dreams. Marveling at the way she has woven together being both a caring and deeply empathic nurse and wife while honoring and allowing her adventurous heart to not grow restless, is inspiration enough to seek her out. Couple that with her incredibly creative motivational goal setting, gratitude keeping accountability and you are sure to find your way to freedom with Dana.

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