Personal Branding Photography with Merinda Garrett in San Francisco, CA

With a background in interior innovation and a talent for curating disruptive conversations, Merinda Garrett wants you to fall in love with your life and for that love to be grounded in the objects you choose to surround yourself with and the daily rituals you choose to adopt. Merinda is not your typical modernist, she uses her sharp eye for design and pairs it with a well honed spiritual practice creating a program that helps you create a home where you can moment to moment be reminded of your dearest values. At a time in history when value is placed high on that which is intangible, untouchable, technological, it is refreshing to meet a woman who wants you to find freedom not through the latest new gadget but from the smooth touch of your favorite earthenware, the fresh air from your daily walk and the beauty of putting your pen to paper each morning to remember what truly makes you happy. Merinda Garrett is bringing us back to love.15541223_10154790670587641_2426198519875945218_n

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