Personal Branding Photography with Amy Matthews in San Francisco, California

Doesn’t it boggle your mind sometimes when you realize that you are making decisions based on some arbitrary out dated belief and denying yourself what it is you are truly wanting? It boggles Amy Matthews‘ mind and she is doing something about it! Inspired into action by a comment made by a dear friend about his recently passed wife, a smart, beautiful and successful woman who LOOOOVED brownies and never ate them, Amy starting noticing that so many people in her life were holding back on living their true desires now. Amy stepped away from her thriving executive recruiting practice and began coaching clients into discovering what limiting beliefs have been holding them back, what it is they truly desire and then mapping out how to get them there. Her impact is not isolated to her skillful coaching, Amy is a role model in choosing again and again to look below the surface, find her desires and dance in the direction of freedom and joy!


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