Personal Branding Photography with Rosemarie Ballmer in Paris, France

There are some photoshoot days when the rain is welcome. It adds a certain “moodiness” and new locations are discovered in necessity. Then there are the rainy days when they show the true vibrancy and brightness of the subject. Rosemarie Ballmer‘s photoshoot was one of those days! As a successful love coach living in Switzerland and at the top of her game, a rainy day was just as much a reason to celebrate as a sunny one. It is her business to not just help her clients to fall in love with each other, it is also her business to have you fall in love with the beauty and joy of your whole life. It was tough not to have the refrain from Singing in the Rain going through my thoughts as I worked with Rosemarie Ballmer and it is a tribute to the way this woman lives her ethos to read the lyrics “The sun’s in my heart, And i’m ready for love.” and think of course, when the sun is your heart the way it is inĀ Rosemarie‘s you can’t help but rejoice each day and inevitably fall in love with life again and again!


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