Personal branding Photography with Megan LaRussa Chenoweth in Paris, France

Megan LaRussa‘s photoshoot broke my heart over and over again. Every look this accomplished stylist wore was so “omg, perfect from head to toe” that it felt like a heart break to change out of. This woman knows how to look exquisite and it is soooo much more than the chic and fashionable clothing she wears, it is every bit the way she wears it. If you have the great privilege of getting acquainted with Megan you will discover that she is as elegantly and generously composed on the inside as the out, her heart is gracious and her vision is bright. For me the South and Southern Women has always conjured impeccable style, unparalleled hospitality and singular kindness, Megan could easily be the model for today’s Southern woman, embodying all that qualities I just mentioned with the head of an entrepreneur, the wisdom of a 21st century millennial and the compassion of a studied coach. Step into the World of Megan LaRussa Chenoweth and let your life be transformed from the outside in.


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