Personal Branding Photography with Wendy Schneider Gless in Laguna Beach, California

Mother Teresa tells us “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Wendy Schneider Gless is giving so much with so much love that it is easy to see how this spirited beauty radiates with the joy of a life will lived and is able to easily serve those who have the pleasure of finding her. With a touch of old school Southern hospitality and a mad dose of Southern California sunshine,Wendy finds a way to personally connect and delight in everyone she has the pleasure of caring for. It is with the same spirit of having created the kind of nest for her three grown children that makes them feel easily and lovingly held and cared for that she is building a nest for her clients one by one, each uniquely represented in the journal she keeps for them. With a tool belt that includes the wisdom of Gina DeVee, Martha Beck and Danielle LaPorte’s desire map, Wendy wants women everywhere to associate money with freedom and fun. Catch a moment with Wendy Schneider Gless and you will forever touched by her generosity of spirit and her boundless love.


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