Personal Branding Photography with Julia Freeman in Los Angeles, California

Lace up your hiking boots and get ready for the journey of your life – with a muse like Julia Freedman by your side, you will find life is a gorgeous adventure and you will be willing to go the distance with guts and glory and open up to the dynamic beauty of it all. Julia Freedman is a quintessential German blonde bombshell who is a vivacious, magnetic, risk-taker committed to living the California Girl Dream. As the Chief Unicorn Leader of Badass Unicorns, she is filled with play and love as strategizes and coaches women and men to transform their lives from the inside out and create an empowering dream unique to their own “magical powers”. When you ask her what it means to be a badass unicorn, she’ll tell you it is about having the guts to go after your dreams and live a magical, colorful life of your own making. Need an example, Julia Freedman is it! She LIVES fun, freedom and celebration and wants YOU to do the same!


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