Personal Branding Photography with Susie Franscini Davis in Laguna Niguel

Susie Franscini Davis is a transformational coach with one of the hugest hearts I’ve ever encountered and it is no doubt this life long Disney fan has discovered her calling is to lead others to their happily ever after. In her work with corporate women crafting a career that works for them, Susie┬árealized that one of her most significant personal life experiences was a gift for her professionally and allowed her to be in deep service for others in a way she never imagined. Not your typically Disney princess, this woman needs no rescuing and still has a Prince Charming love story worthy of the big screen. It is through the tools, techniques and wisdom garnered in her own happily ever after that together with her smart and playful prince she is now helping clients to find the relationship they are longing for and to keep the joy in it! After spending a day in the company of Susie and Darrell, it is clear that these two have found the secret to being life long honeymooners. Get swept away with Susie’s story it will deliver you to your own magic kingdom.


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