Personal Branding Photography with Yuki Graviet Knapp in London, England

What do you get when you mix the influences of the social media royal Kardashians and the darling of the royal family, Kate Middleton with a rich tradition of spirit and a millennial’s perspective on life? A manifesting maven and bright, energetic coach named Yuki Graviet Knapp who is weaving a brilliant tapestry of hip, relevant and modern values all her own. Charged with an electric enthusiasm for life, Yuki is dedicated to honoring the values and doctrine of the Mormon Church while being committed to making her own choices and creating a business that expresses these deep values of generosity, family and respect she has grown up with. Having manifested a photoshoot at the castle of King Henry VIII, Yuki is embarking on creating a professional life that lights her up the way she lights up a room. The perfect combination of guts and groundedness, beauty and intelligence, old school and new school, this shining light has just this world needs!


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