Personal Branding Photography with Lachelle Dillon in Santa Cruz, California

When people ask me how I get to do what I do my typical response is “by the Grace of God”. If you were to ask Lachelle Dillon the same question, I imagine her answer would be the same and that she would elegantly expound on what it means to be in the flow with the miraculous power of God. It is easy to see how Lachelle is a compassionate leader in her church and community, an active and inspiring mother to three beautiful daughters and a source of spunky, bright energy to all who cross her path, she has found a way to tap into higher source to empower her. She founded “Duna Yoga” as a platform to experience dunamis – the miraculous power of God – through yoga. Lachelle’s popular “Holy Yoga” classes facilitate the experiential worship and celebration of God through movement and meditation to believers and seekers. Her yoga teaching serves as a catalyst for those of the Christian faith to celebrate, connect and glorify the wisdom and teachings of their faith through a body, mind and spirit practice. Lachelle is a dynamite holistic wellness and yoga practitioner who harnesses her own powerful energy in deep service and commitment to health, wellness and spiritual devotion. With devotion and a willingness to “lift up her arms and praise God for as long as she lives” it is without a doubt that her vision of all who cross her path discovering their own dunamis will be realized.


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