Personal Branding Photography with Yael Rose in London, England

If you want an image of what a woman going boldly and courageously after her dreams, this is it! Yael Rose, founder of the Million Dollar Woman Event and mother of 5, is a powerful force of nature and is showing the world what it looks like to go for it unabashedly and to do so with generosity, compassion and resolve. A natural connector and seasoned architect of events, Yael is committed to creating a platform that inspires and uplifts women and men to go after their own version of success. Getting noticed and helping others to do the same, Yael is one of an elite group of Londoners who are bringing personal development to their culture of tradition and luxury, think mindset mentality work over champagne and gourmet chocolate at The Ritz. With her fierce determination and natural ability to positively bolster those around her, Yael inspires us all with an attitude that we can do it! Hitch your wagon to this luminous star and watch your dreams shine bright and come to light.


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