Personal branding Photography with Clancy Lee Beck in San Francisco, California

Clancy Lee Beck is a passionate and inspiring, nature-loving and bootie shaking fitness and weight-loss coach who can charm even the forest animals into coming out and playing. Not only the founder of Fit Happy and Slim, Clancy is a passionate writer, ex-stunt woman and one that lives for adventure. Filled with nourishing, loving, vibrant energy Clancy’s clients have seen incredible results in creating strong, healthy bodies. Clancy believes the foundation of health and wellness begins within, much like the roots of a tree that anchor the tree and provide nutrients to its entire system. When we nourish our body from the inside out, we create a mindset that is open and positive habits that extend and grow into a healthy, active body and lifestyle. Clancy will help you grow your roots deep so you may extend yourself far and wide, beautiful and strong in this amazing world. With strong roots and healthy habits you can bear the fruits and blossoms of your labor and love in all aspects of a healthy life. Nurture the roots and the tree grows tall and strong and beautiful.


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