Personal Branding Photography with Kelly Gringon in Florence Italy

Kelly Grignon dreamed of the white picket-fence home and family and lived out her dream early on in her journey. In her twenties, she had two beautiful children, enjoyed staying at home and supported her husband’s leadership and career advances. Along the way as she mothered her two adventurous children, she soon realized that she, too, could create an adventurous and abundant life for herself now AND live that life with her children today not waiting on them to grow up. Kelly creates life on her own terms and boldly helps other mompreneurs do the same teaching them how to manage the feelings of mom guilt and embrace a mentality of “Don’t wait, do it today! Not just for you, for them too!”. Her down-to-earth charm, wits, super hip vibe and practicality goes beyond building a business at home and empowers you to chart your own path and explore new territories with your kids in tow. Kelly reminds us it is in the discovery of the unexpected twists and turns of life that make for an adventurous journey.


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