Personal Branding Photography with Kristal Presser Fiorentino in Florence Italy

Have you ever found yourself walking through your actual vision board in real life? You wake up one morning and realize things you dreamed of doing you are actually doing. The work you desired is the work you are creating. The places you want to travel to you have been to. The feelings of joy and vibrancy you once sought are now dwelling happily in your heart. This is what Kristal Presser Fiorentino‘s clients find when they work with her…that what you can imagine you can create and turn into your waking life. Kristal is a modern (reluctant) yogi who taps into the power of vision boards, yoga and mudra practices to transform her client’s inner and outer realities. Born and raised in Las Vegas and used to the glitz and glamor, Kristal underwent her own transformation when she found herself transfixed by the beauty and wild landscape of Connecticut not so long ago, which drew her in deeply to the power, wisdom, and connection of the Earth. It is with this connection to the Earth, horses and the use of ancient practices that she leads women on internal journeys that empower them to awaken to possibilities and lead the lives they once only dreamed about. Yet this bright and thoughtful women has not abandon her bling, you’ll find she is at home and grounded in the field with her horses as easily as she is in a 5-star hotel champagne in hand. Let Kristal help you find your own h-om-e within.


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