Personal Branding Photography with LiYana Silver in San Francisco, California

There are few things in my life that I’m as proud of as I am of having this woman as a confidant, ally, friend, teacher, beloved. My God, meeting her alone would have been a coup this lifetime and anyone who has had the boon of being aware of her existence on this planet I’m relatively certain feels the same. LiYana Silver will love you celebrate you lead you challenge you enlighten you in all theright ways. Her provocative path has not been exclusively the tales of a gorgeous Gypsy queen dancing her way through the beauty and favor of this World. LiYana has willingly surrendered to the forces on high and allowed herself to dive to the depth of darkness, the whole time eloquently poetically sharing her blow by blow and alchemizing each kernel of heartbreak into pure spun Gold, word for word for us to devour early next year in her upcoming book from SoundsTrue titled “Feminine Genius”. This is a woman courageously willing to tell it like it is; risking being disruptive, being inappropriate, being wrong rather than keeping the treasure of her experience to herself. Women of the world, I recommend you silently drop to your knees and give thanks that a woman like LiYana Silver walks this Earth. It is in her guiding light that we may be able to find our own truth in the most unlikely places and live brilliantly ever after.
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