Personal Branding Photography with Alison Breheme in San Francisco, California

Wellness is more than healthy salads, smoothies and a good night’s sleep. So believes Alison Brehme, who is on a mission to change the entire culture of corporations and bust the work-life balance myth. She believes a company’s culture, environment and leadership has an enormous impact on the employee’s health and life. Through a holistic corporate wellness approach, Alison is training top-level executives on how to create deep company change that enhances the health and well-being of employees as well as creating positive bottom line results. Stemming from her own story of going to the extremes and burning out way too early, Alison has discovered the keys to having that elusive combination of beliefs and practices necessary to balance wellness and productivity. With a personal understanding of the beliefs that make the corporate workplace a place where wellness is not priority, Alison is uniquely designed to update those practices and transform those beliefs in service to forging a truly Well-thy workplace.


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