Personal Branding Photography with Jennifer Russell in San Francisco, California

If you were to ask Jennifer Russell what her calling is she’d say her job description is “catalyzing evolutionary leaders” and when you meet Jennifer you realize she’s up to something much bigger than that – she’s up to catalyzing evolution toward a pristine, rapturous and free planet where all human needs are met and each man and woman is integrated in every aspect of themselves. Sounds big, right? And when you have the privilege of knowing this woman, you realize her world view, her understanding of the human condition and of the Cosmos is so tremendous that her having the intention of freeing humanity is perfectly reasonable. Walking the walk and talking the talk of priestess, scientist, entrepreneur, speaker, coach and a fully integrated feminine leader, Jennifer has an uncanny ability to see the next evolution not only for other but for herself as well and knows just the right formula to coax and tease that version lovingly into the present moment. Whether you are meeting her for a cup of tea or one among the thousands in the crowds listening to her speak, you feel her intimate power, focus and drive to create spiritual awakening. For the freedom seeker, Jennifer is your true North Star, trust her guidance on your journey as you would trust your own.


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